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Yeah, believe it or not, this is the first http://www.louisvuittonlocation.com candid bikini moment ever. Unless you count that time I sneaked into her backyard. Louis Vuitton outlet lives by that idea, as evidenced by this beaded pony Louis Vuitton outlet shoe that also just happens to be leopard-printed. Want even more? The padlock is a kicker, though I can live without that. Here's why this works: As with most fragment design collaborations, the changes to the original are subtle, sometimes even impossible to point out, yet the outcome is always unique, timeless and premium.Hot mess" has been thrown around so much recently, it was just a matter of time before irony got its slimy hands on it. This UNIF Louis Vuitton outlet Tank ($63) made us laugh, though - that picture is a horse-and-carriage wreck! This fall the Louis Vuitton outlets are all over the map - and the 700 page fall Louis Vuitton outlet issues of your favorite magazines will prove it! And if you're a fan of her denim looks, she's happy to get specific with recommendations. "There's a pair of Louis Vuitton outlet with a little stretch that's been my go-to for that tight, high-waisted jam, but I still like a J Brand bell bottom - and I think Ralph makes the best denim jackets."Remember the first time you saw wedge Louis Vuitton outlet shoes? Or super skinny jeans? Or those pointy-toe pumps from the Manolo Blahnik era? You hated them right? Ok, now raise your hand if you have all 3 of those Louis Vuitton outlet in your closet. Exactly.But lets pick out a few favorites that you may already have in your closet!You can go wrong with something like a Louis Vuitton outlet wrap! Those are the days when Louis Vuitton outlets are so key. Just take a look at http://www.louisvuittonlocation.com/node/1. Her shoe is pretty casual and ordinary, but that Ben Amun by Isaac Manevitz Cyrstal Deco Geometric Necklace ($379) takes it to a new level. This is the kind of piece every woman should have in her jewelry box.I got this one on consignment for only $35. - one of my best consignment scores ever!We are shutting down our computers to take the week off and disperse around the country, from Florida, to Atlanta, to Montauk, to an NYC staycation. I suspect that the shoes Bridget and Frances chose were as considered as their first formal Louis Vuitton outletes. The racer-back top, sleek white jacket and edgy orange shoes screamed successful, independent and strong. This was the wardrobe of alpha women.We will be bringing you some great stories daily throughout the week, but at a more limited rate.You know what I can't get over?

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