The overall design from the previous generation has very different style

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The overall design from the previous generation has very different style, one piece body from the shoe to the concept of composition, within the medial strip light shoes with ventilation holes more details of the body. The tongue is an early return of a large area Melo shoes unique tongue design adds to the benefit package of shoes to face the foot. Configuration within the air with little change within the configuration front end Zoom Air is still, however, keep after the flight and Nike Free Run 3 Womens have the same configuration of the Air Max Unit, also more particularly the outer end could be clearly seen later with the cushion shape, inside out Etched on the bottom also has the words MELO lines. 

Simultaneously, we are able to more clearly see the neighborhood M7, the patent leather material is inside your body, while the outside is replaced with suede material; followed by Kobe Bryant at the series of TPU materials feel a bit; visible air cushion the heel Design, a little retro, the other from the outside a few openings on the bottom we are able to also see the appearance of air, and Melo's Logo will appear on the tongue. If you possess a collection of shoes like habit, then might even grab a pair. 

Denver Nuggets lost coach stop, unfortunately the first round of the playoffs as the team leader, team Carmelo Anthony could be the unhappy people, not one. Half of the normal after the game, Anthony and Nike Free Run 4 Mens one another, the pitch from the Nike Free Run 4 Womens hit a brilliant record of accompanying him into the playoffs, many players chose to replace the brand new boots, and only Anthony no major action, still wearing Air Jordan Melo 6 ride the battlefield. 

The unofficial open to many sneaker excited, after a long wait to white in color, the end using the North Carolina basket, Nuggets color plus profile and elegant design makes the Air Jordan Melo M7 and yet low key atmosphere. Therefore, the time may be officially issued sneakers will be after October 2010, when it's the occasion of the beginning of NBA preseason, I believe that Anthony will be wearing Air Jordan Melo M7 went to court, to create amazing games.

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