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where Catherine was being treated, for the past four yearsThe coroner adjourned the inquest until a provisional date of March 26. ,louis vuitton outlet store, 18Comments 禄Senior Syrian officials have rejected a decision by the united states and other nations to recognize a newly formed opposition coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, saying it does not represent real political forces inside Syria. Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad told Britain's Independent newspaper ,www.elouisvuittononlinesale.com, the countries were "recognizing an artificial structure, a structure that will help promote the objectives of the US and European countries in Syria. "His words were echoed by Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi, who told the newspaper the us move was as if Syria" had recognized Liverpool Football club as the ,louis vuitton outlet, sole representative of the British people while in fact it represented very little. " The Friends of Syria group, representing more than 100 countries and organizations, agreed Wednesday to recognize the National Coalition of the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces at a meeting in Morocco. Photos: Showdown in Syria 17-year-old Syrian risks life to rescue ,north face kacekts, Panetta: US monitoring Syria closely The Syrian opposition vice presidentThe designation immediately broadens international recognition for the coalition and should pave the way for additional support for the ,canada goose jackets, rebel cause. "What this recognition does, I think, is give the coalition more confidence in its workings, "said Brookings Institution analyst Salman Shaikh, who attended the session in the city of Marrakech. The Syrian government remained defiant, however, in the face of its growing international isolation, saying that whatever happens it is not going to lose militarily on the ground. "I assure you this (move by the United States) will not add anything, " ,www.outletbagslouisvuitton.com, Miqdad said. "It is mere propaganda and psychological warfare directed against the Syrians and the Syrian government and is aimed at encouraging those armed groups that have been unable to achieve any real progress in Syria. "Read more: Aleppo Today TV becomes vital news source amid Syria's chaosThe United states sent Deputy Secretary of State William Burns to the Friends of Syria meeting, which came a day after Obama said his administration had decided to grant recognition to the coalition. At the Morocco meeting, Burns told Syrian rebel leaders that their newfound recognition carried with it the weight of international expectations. On top of previous commitments, Burns said the united states will provide $ 14 million for emergency medical care and for supplies to help Syrians live through the coming winter, including plastic insulation, boots and nutritional supplies. Saudi Arabia also pledged $ 100 million in aid, Shaikh said. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Obama's statement Tuesday came as a surprise to Moscow. He said an agreement he had worked out in Geneva, Switzerland, with us Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid out a path for a negotiated transfer of power, but he said the new coalition's goals call for it to "overturn the regime, dismantle government institutions and refuse dialogue with the Syrian government. "Seeing a Syrian chemical weapons plant No diplomatic solution in Syria Securing Syria's chemical weapons Obama recognizes Syrian oppositionPreviously, several Arab and European states, including France and the united kingdom, had recognized the group. Read more: As fighting subsides, Aleppo residents find little leftThe Friends of Syria recognition, however, did little to soothe opposition leaders stung by US President Barack Obama's decision Tuesday to list one rebel group as a terrorist organization. Opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib urged the united states to rescind its decision to list the al-Nusra organization as a terrorist group and impose sanctions on its leaders, saying the coalition rejects radical violence.  







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