DPT's increasing fees are exploitive

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DPT's ever-expanding fees for parking violations are entirely out of step w/ inflation. In the past 15 years, the street cleaning violation fine has almost doubled (from $25 to $45; maybe higher now, I haven't gotten one in so long). How does DPT justify these increases? How/who can challenge DPT's authority to arbitrarily increase fees in order to raise money? There is clearly a profit motive piggy-backing on law enforcement - it's an injustice and it's corrupt. It's exploitive of all the non-rich SF people who can't afford garage parking, and are still "learning" to be constantly hypervigilant and obsessive about street cleaning vs where they've parked their car. DPT's financial squeezing of the populace has earned it the hate and rage of the citizenry.

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