Apply Technology to Engage Students

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I stumbled upon this video while browsing through some tech blogs. One of my friends is a teacher who really wants to find more and more ways to engage her students. I know that it's difficult to give a lot of students enough attention and help when we have all of these budget cuts and teacher layoffs. Knowing that more and more people are creating innovative, technology-based methods of helping students is great because this is creative, useful, and most-of-all a way to use what little money and time we have as efficiently as possible.

I also love how it says that "these teachers have used technology to humanize the classroom." (It's oxymoronic and a little ironic, but it is such a mindblowing concept!)

Let's push for more innovative uses of technology to help our students especially because we're in the technology mecca of San Francisco!


P.S. The geek in me got super excited about all the data and metrics that Khan Academy provides teachers because 1) it's just plain cool and 2) I completely believe in "knowledge is power" especially in terms of data and measurements used to get informed about what's going on and using that to improve things. (AKA "Feedback"!)

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Technology in Education

I think it's a brilliant idea as well. Integrating technology and education should be part of a  larger agenda that will make students more innovative, versatile and globally competitive. Most teaching curriculum/methods fail to adapt to changing times. Creatively engaging students through technology will definitely end the education system's struggle for relevance in the 21st century.

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It Works

Technology is great for the classroom. Just having graduated from middle school last year I saw technology already starting to play a big role in the way kids are learning. It engages the children and put a 21st Century twist on lessons that have been taught for generations.


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