Arts in schools

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I understand that we are struggling with our budget.  But it's a disservice to our children to eliminate arts from the schools.  The arts can open doorways later in life, helping children earn scholarships to college, or succeed in artistic careers.  All children grow up to succeed in different ways-we limit their chances of success  by limiting their exposure to a variety of subjects in schools.

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It's true. Society seems to

It's true. Society seems to think that the only useful careers are in traditional "professional" fields like law, business, medicine, etc.

What about arts? Arts are undervalued in today's society.

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  That's true. Arts are


That's true. Arts are undervalued in society. If we cannot get funds from the government budget for public schools, there must be other ways. It's almost reassuring that there are always school clubs and organizations that support the arts - so if there is no support from government funding, arts can still always be valued within most schools (One example: Taking away arts from education is atrocious. All people from K-12 and even beyond need to get out their creative side.

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