Back To School Supply List Includes Cleaning Supplies...?

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I just received my kids (1st grader and a 6th grader) back to school supply list.  While I am anxious about the school year beginning I noticed that the list has grown and now even includes some not so school supply items i. e. clorox wipes, kleenex, hand sanitizer, or hand wash soap, reams of paper.  I will be making these purchases -don't get me wrong, but the budget cuts are truly being felt at every level.  When your teachers / schools are asking for cleaning supplies what does this mean?  I can't wait till school starts because in addition with helping out with homework and volunteering as a classroom parent I think I will gear up other parents for a "clean the classroom duty".  What are your thoughts?

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Clorox Wipes?

You're so right, Lucy. The sad fact is that this has been happening in a number of districts across the state for years. And teachers too often face the burden of buying their own supplies or doing without.

Kleenex and Hand San, I can understand, but Clorox wipes?? I like you're idea of parent volunteerism - I think parents need to involved with their kids' education, maybe even if it just classroom cleaning duty. Studies show, time and again, that kids are more likely to succeed if their parents have an active stake in their homework, projects etc.

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