Bullying in our schools

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Recently, a story swept across the nation, of a youth (Tyler Clementi)  who committed suicide after his college roommate broadcast an intimate moment between Tyler and another young man.  It reminded me of a close friend I had when I was younger, who was taunted for being gay at the young age of 13.  He jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I know we are concerned about our educational system, and most discussions here are geared towards improving classrooms, etc.  I am concerned about what happens in the classrooms between students.


Cyber-bullying is a real threat.  Lately, we have read stories of it affecting our youth over and over again.  It's time to put rules in place...but how can teachers and schools monitor cyber-bullying, when most of it takes place online, and not in the classroom?

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Thanks C.Moore

Thanks for posting. Did you see that Ellen video on this today? She has some good resources on this too.


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I did see the Ellen video-And

I did see the Ellen video-And that's a great list of resources that are posted!  But in light of the growing number of teen suicides that are rooted in bullying,  it is clear that this is a growing problem, and has yet to be adequately addressed.  I have to wonder how many teens are even aware of the existence of these organizations.  I feel that teachers, adult figures and the organizations are not  doing enough to reach our kids on this subject.  A dialogue must be created and maintained, and kids must be made aware of the existence of these organizations.

I read a story today on CNN about a young lady who was cyber-bullied and committed suicide last year.  School bullies had created a special My Space "Hater" page to bully her online as well as in school.  Her parents were unaware this was taking place.

It is unrealistic to think that as a society we can stop bullying completely.  But that should be our goal, and I believe that we can take steps to minimize and limit it.  I believe that it is time to look to preventative legislation re regulating potentially defamatory and harmful online activity carried out by one youth against another, and that we must take steps to ensure that a dialogue and a system of communication is created between adult figures and youth, so that kids know that they can get help, and where to get it if they are being bullied.

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