Can after-school programs make a difference in students' success?

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Until recently, after-school programs were deemed places where kids did homework and were off the streets during high juvenile crime hours (3-6 p.m.).  The public is now learning that after-school programs are places where kids learn.  Check out Learning in Afterschool ( where you'll find research that demonstrates the impact of after-school programs on kids in their academic and social/emotional development. 

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After School Programs are critical for working parents

Since Susan and I both work, after school programs are critical.  I was fortunate that when I got home from school my grandmother watched us and ensured we learned and did our home work.  Since both of children will have to attend afterschool programs, I need them to be an environment where our daughters will learn not just be supervised.  I'm excited since we are in a full time preschool program geared towards working parents that she is already used to learning all day!  Its a great opportunity for her to learn subjects which are not part of the school day or the general curriculum.

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