Children are the future, and they represent an investment with incalculable returns.

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The planned cuts to the school district that you cited are absolutely unacceptable, and must be stopped.  How is this even a possibility?  Do we not care about the future of this country or the next generation?  Why would we allow our children to fall behind the rest of the world, academically?  We need STRONG leadership that won't let the fear of losing a $100k job stand in the way of what is best for future generations.  


I am starting a non-profit recording studio for kids that will provide FREE music and engineering classes to underprivileged SF kids in the Tenderloin (sadly, the neighborhood with the highest number of kids in SF).  Music instruction has been PROVEN to increase academic ability across the board and, in this time of heightened global competitiveness, to cut these programs is shortsighted and, frankly, foolish.  


Hope in Harmony is investing in SF children.  Please join our Facebook group and help us spread the word!!

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Watch this!

If you have not already, everyone should really watch "Waiting for Superman"

It's about the corrupt educatioin system here in the U.S.

Very insperational everyone should watch it!



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That looks like an amazing film!  Thank you so much for posting it in this thread!  I am going to go share it with everyone on the Hope in Harmony Facebook page right now!  :)

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Hope in Harmony

Dear Hope in Harmony,


The contributions that you are making to your community are immeasurable. It really does take an entire village to raise a child- thank you so much for your efforts. Non Profits are such an imperative aspect to our communities, thank you for fighting the good fight.




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I appreciate the kind words,

I appreciate the kind words, DMW!  But, I don't need any thanks.  I love music, and I love kids, and there's nothing I'd rather be doing!  


Studies upon studies have shown us that musical instruction increases children's academic potential across the board - from spatial coordination and language development to math and science - and yet music education is almost always the 1st to go when school boards face budget deficits.  Top business school grads are going overseas to work and, in the US, foreign countries are opening factories and mines that haven't been profitable on OUR currency for decades.  These are all implications of HUGE "big picture" problems for our country that, in my mind, all share the same solution:  a better educated populous.  But sadly, if the statistics cited on the main "Education" page of this website are any indication, even the most progressive cities in the world are still cutting education with abandon.  It's absolutely ridiculous and, as someone who was once a child, I can't stand by and watch the next generation get short-changed by taxophobic policy-makers.  


Hope in Harmony is already teaching in schools, and intends to build a state-of-the-art recording studio for kids where we will offer FREE music immersion, engineering (your favorite bands; recorded by middle-schoolers), and a variety of related classes to underprivileged SF youth.  1st San Francisco...then the world!!!    


If you're on Facebook, please join our group!  :)



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Music isnt an extra but a key part of education

Music used to be a part of everyone's education.  Ben - thank you for your hard work to ensure children have music in their lives.  Music is not a luxury but a key part of our lives and will enhance the brain and a child's educational experience.  Just like if you are exercising you have to work different muscles.  When you are learning, you need to work different parts of your brain.  This is why you need to work different parts of your brain.

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