Chinese immersion programs

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I may be misinformed, but I heard that for some of the mandarin and/or the Cantonese immersion programs, the students must be home speakers.  Is this true?  If it is, I do not think that is fair or appropriate.  There is no such rule for the spanish language immersion programs.  I think the programs are a fantastic idea, but I do not like limits on who can participate, if indeed that is true.  The immersion programs are a great alternative to the mainstream programs in our neighborhood schools.  These opportunities should not be limited to one population of the student body. 

I indeed hope that I have been misinformed.

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I have heard the same thing.  The model is to have a mix of native and non-native language speakers.  I would have thought the model would be the same for all languages.  I have heard this is the model for Mandarin and Cantonese at Starr King, Jose Ortega and DeAvila.  Kids are tested to determine their native language and slots are given out accordingly.  I assume the idea is for each student to learn from one another's native language.

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