Choose what material is the most comfortable high heels? What is the best material

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Especially for higher 5,6 or even 7 inches high-heeled, long point shoes, wearing high heels can make you even better. 
Wear high heels, the same with the size the longer should feel more comfortable. 
All the shoes are a little larger than the foot should be slightly (at least 1/8 inch: 0.3cm), which is a ruler to see how long. You should never buy a pair of shoes, 
wearing a tight, even 
A little bit tight, because it will injure your feet and cause unnecessary pain and problems, 
Such as inflammation of the foot and foot deformation. Some people may have heard called "the leather will stretch," saying, or forget it. And so you put one pair of 
shoes tightly distraction 
When you've been through a lot of suffering and pain of foot disease. 
On the other hand, too big or too loose shoes can lead to ankle fatigue, but it does not look great right about. Imagine a little girl wearing mother ** shoes 
circumstances it. Furthermore, nike high heels
This will also like to wear slippers on the feet as additional negative effects (see later). 
You should be in the evening and after a few minutes after walking to buy shoes. This time the foot is completely inflated and close to the maximum size (one foot 
bigger when it is sitting 
Aircraft or at higher altitudes). 
If you are in a hospitality of shoe shopping, you'd better try and own foot size requires the closest three sizes of shoes. (For example: If you normally wear 7 
No shoes, you should try on the 6th and a half, half, No. 7,7 shoes), wearing the smallest size shoes should feel tight, but the largest number of shoes to wear should 
feel quite loose. 
At this time, the number of shoes that feel the most suitable, but shoes must be more than a slight foot little freshman. Otherwise, most of these numbers to buy 
shoes. Remember that you can not buy even wear in the feet

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