Community Outreach

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Recently I have heard complaints that students are leaving school with insufficient world experience and little understanding of how society operates outside of the classroom. Perhaps these assertions are unfair but there are limitless opportunities to get students involved in their local community which will give them vital experience as well as encouraging them to give back. Work experience or some sort of community service as a mandatory component of high school education could be extremely beneficial and should foster a sense of citizenship which could be invaluable. 

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Service Learning

Great idea.  Service learning is incorporated in many universities and school districts.  For example, all the CSU's require a service learning class, where students have to do some community service or involvement in the course, to graduate from CSU.   Here's a great link to service learning for SFUSD -

We should encourage the state to create service learning course for 9-12 grade students and make it a graduation requirement.

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