How bad are the public schools?

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I moved to San Francisco fairly recently and all I keep hearing when it comes to the public school system in the city is that it is "awful."  I'd like to envision raising a family here and am determined to send my kids to public schools.  What are the good and bad parts of the k-12 system here?  Are all the schools really that bad or do they just get a bad reputation?  Are there safety/violence issues?  Overcrowding/bad teacher:student ratios?  I'd love learn more about the system and work to improve it.

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Location vs. Lottery

I hear that San Francisco has some of the best public schools in the country as well as some of the worst. And under the current system, families fight tooth and nail to get their top picks. Does anybody know how the system is changing? When do famiy's learn about their picks?

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Public Schools are good

Most public schools in SF are doing well.  The major issue is funding as schools have had to lay off teachers and staff across the board.  Some school PTAs have been able to make off the funding gap by raising more money, but not all schools have the ability to raise much money given the families who attend.  We need to continue to work hard to make sure people know public schools are good.  However, we have an achievement gap between racial groups and geography so we need to do everything possible to make sure every SF neighborhood has a good public school in it.

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