At least 19,000 teacher layoffs in CA, 500 layoffs in SF

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Besides reforming Prop 13, what can we do to make sure we fund education?  Thousands of teachers in California are receiving layoff notices.


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SFUSD Cuts: Cyclical or Structural?

California is fighting its way out of a very serious recession. Unemployment in our state is around 12% - several percentage points about the national average - and we have a huge budget to balance (complicated by the Prop 13 loophole).

I'm curious: Are the fiscal challenges in California more due to the aftermath of the nation's economic recession or are there deeper, structural problems with the way we allocate funds and collect revenue which is making Californian solvency so difficult to reach and maintain?'s picture

Education vs Corrections

This year is California spending over 9 billion on prisons while spending over 37 billion on kindergarten through 12th grade. At the same time the California budget calls for just under 11 billion for higher education. Research shows that there is a definite correlation between neighborhoods with a failing school system and higher incarceration rates  in that neighborhood. Education is a deterrent to crime and eventual incarceration. With this being true wouldn't it be considered a wiser investment in the long term to budget more for K-12 and higher education than the department of corrections? 

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