Obama to Bail Out Teachers

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If the House votes this next Tuesday to affirm the bill put forward by the Obama administration and recently passed by the Senate, 26 billion dollars will flow to the states to save teachers and administrators.  This is one of the best things Obama could have pushed and our City leaders need to work for the passage of this bill. It will not add to the deficit as it will close a business tax loophole and spending cuts. This will help San Francisco's schools as furlough days would be eliminated and teacher's positions would be restored.

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Can you please elaborate on this, or perhaps link to the article that you read?: "It will not add to the deficit as it will close a business tax loophole and spending cuts"

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Follow up

Hey Matt, here is the link to the article in the New York Times.  Essentially, it says it will be paid for by spending cuts to other programs, and closing a business tax loophole, neither were identified:


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Thanks for the response. I'd like to find some more info on the $10b "loophole" / tax increase that they refer to. Please let me know if you hear more about it!

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Thanks to House for $26 Billion for schools and jobs

House passes $26 billion to help save teachers and jobs across the US.  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/11/us/politics/11cong.html  Carlos Garcia was quoted last week that hundreds of SF school teachers would be spared layoffs if the bill passed.  While this is a great short term solution, we need better longer term funding to ensure proper funding for education.  We need to have difficult conversations around revenue - Prop 13, vehicle license fee, gas tax, carbon tax and income tax.

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Selling Taxes

Youre absolutely correct Phil. We have a revenue imbalance, but we also have crazy ideas like asking people to pay, what was reported today in the Examiner today, almost $1 extra per drink. We certainly have a problem with chronic inebriates, but the tax seems disproportionate. In times like these, people want to have a drink and enjoy themselves, but our leaders want to tax them an extra dollar - not popular at all. But if our classrooms are losing teachers, that's another story. How do you sell taxes to citizens in this economy? What is the message?

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