Our school classrooms

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I'm really worried about growing class sizes and the impact that will have on my child's educational opportunities and experience.  I know that my daughter, as well as every child, requires personalized help from their teacher from time to time, yet with growing class sizes, I'm afraid my child is going to be left behind. We are going to rely more and more on standardized testing to rank and classify our children's academic capacity, yet each child learns differently and at different rates. I really hope SF doesn't resort to teacher cuts and class size inflation to close this budget gap -- because this is something we as parents just can't afford to see happen. 

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and by overworking our

and by overworking our teachers, we're not making it any easier to recruit the good ones to SF schools.

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Class Sizes

Totally agree we need lower class sizes. But let's also remember that we need to focus on the quality of the instruction in the schools, not just the class sizes. If you have kids in SFUSD - you might agree that there are mostly great teachers and staff - but a few folks really need better training and motivation.

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Not the Problem

Although I agree that we are relying too much on standardization, maybe larger class sizes are not the problem. I found a great article, which explains how reducing class sizes has only been effective in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Another concern that came up was "If a district reduces class size without a pool of good teachers to draw from, why would you expect improvement?" Teachers mainly need to be selected for employment or to be laid off based on merit.

The only issue that immediately comes to mind with larger classes is more work for the teacher, whether that is adjusting the syllabus or correcting homework.


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