"Parent trigger" law triggers change and no change

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The Parent Empowerment law was part of school reform legislation passed last year to help California pursue “Race to the Top” federal funding. It gives parents of children enrolled in what some consider “failing” schools the ability to petition the school district to reform the institution. In order to pull the “parent trigger”, a majority of the parents must petition for one of the options the law allows, including rehiring, closing, and having a local charter school take over.

The new law is considered by many to be a revolutionary shortcut to an otherwise frustrating and often, futile process. In December, fed-up parents in Compton, California quickly used it in a bid to reform McKinley Elementary School. According to Wall Street Journal, legislators in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, West Virginia and Maryland have plans to introduce versions of the parent trigger [article]. Sounds good.

Too good to be true? Well, if the state Board of Education has their way, it might be. Superintendent Tom Torlakson and friends insist the law needs “cleanup” legislation, bureaucracy code for “keep waiting”. [article]

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What do you think of the law and the reactions?
Is there a school you want to organize a parent trigger for?

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