Parents Struggle for their Choice in Schools

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Should parents be allowed to have their first choice school? Or should parents just go to the school their child is supposed to go to according to the district? And does anyone know what system SFUSD is going to use to assign children to schools?

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School choices

These are great questions, I read the S.F. Chronicle story about "Parents struggle for choices in S.F.". And it seems like the parents featured are struggling in an effort to make the best possible choice for their child.  As I read further down the article it seems other parents who accepted their school assignment may have struggled with it, but accepted the challenge and in the end made changes to the school and it became a win-win for all. 

It seems the school district is trying to be fair by trying to take into consideration diversity, prior pre school enrollment, and family income.  Having read other articles these are all important components in attaining a great education.  But it seems that parents need to accept then move into making changes to our schools be proactive.

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