Removing School Buses - Bad Idea

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The school district, eternally strapped for cash, is thinking about cutting its bus routes. Our MUNI system will feel the pain. Many of the bus routes in the City are already de facto school buses. And let's be honest, many are unruly and out of control, not to mention, many of the students don't pay. I ride the buses on Mission Street, Van Ness, and near Glen Park and have witnessed it all.

The school district needs to look for other ways to cut costs. School buses have their place, and help many isolated children access quality education, in a way MUNI can not.

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Here's a radical idea: The

Here's a radical idea: The kids go to the school geographically closest to them. Ooops ! That would upset all the multicultural mush heads wasting time counting how many kids of what race are in what school perpetuating the incredible failure of a social experiment called "integration".
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Multicultural mush head

Despite the progressive attitudes of most San Franciscans, we have in large part broken up into neighborhoods that are self-segregated along racial lines. Think Sunset. Think the Marina. Think Mission. Encouraging children of different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds to interact and share experiences better prepares them for the multicultural reality of modern times, as well as enriches their own understanding of the world around them. To give no thought to racial integration and busing would lead to a re-segregation of our schools, curbing the intellectual and social growth of our young people.

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Diego do you remember

Diego do you remember "integration" in the public schools during the late sixties and early seventies ?

I do.

I remember wasting two hours a day riding all over the City of San Francisco on a school bus for the sake of being a (then) underdeveloped little white boy who used to get jumped and beaten almost daily for no other reason than I was white.   It wasn't until I learned to fight dirty and like my life depended on it did it stop and guess who was accused of "racially motivated" violence.

So what did I learn from this incredible failure and waste of my time :

Some public schools are really not far removed from prisons.

When it's white-on-black , white-on-whatever "violence"  (read self defense) it's "racial" or a "hate" crime.  When it's whatever-on-white then it's just too bad and even encouraged.

Some kids have not much a future beyond incarceration.

The benefit here is what again ?  Am I missing something ?  

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Yeah John, us white folks

Yeah John, us white folks have always suffered as the persecuted majority.....

But you are right that some kids have not much a future beyond incarceration. It happens to be that these kids are disproportionately black and poor. Do you propose that we isolate this poverty and create an unending cycle of deprivation in which these kids, through little fault of their own are set up to fail? Or is there maybe some sense behind creating schools with some sort of socio-economic balance?

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First of all I'm sick and

First of all I'm sick and tired of all the divisive ethnic cheerleading and racist babble of the plight of the "poor minorities". The majority of the earth's population I believe happens to be Chinese and Eastern Indian. We have a black president so I think some need to get over it ! OK I get it: The public school system is , especially in the ghettos and barrios, not in the best condition or staffed by even competent teachers in some cases. Is it not in the best interests of these very individuals for which education could make a difference to get involved and raise hell with the school board ? YES ! By law silence is consent and until some of the "poor-whatever-label-anyone-wishes-to-use" make it THEIR perogative to demand better AND be both responsible and active parents the status quo will continue. Why labels like "My Baby Daddy" and "My Baby Mama" permeate in certain groups speaks volumes about how they live, act, and value life including their own. Want to know why certain racial groups perform and achieve better than others: SIMPLE ! The parents don't tolerate any gang-banging, drug dealing, rap blasting knucklehead nonsense and make it clear Jr. or Jr. Miss is to attend AND perform in school. And they are supposed to DO SOMETHING with their lives instead of dropping babies and going on welfare. Furthermore there's none of this "selling out to be like the man" crapola. If what I'm writing sounds offensive then perhaps such is motive to do something rather than singing the tired old "woe is me" song. It's grown both repetitive AND nauseating.

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