Slow steady gains in student scores

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According to todays San Francisco Chronicle "Progress seen in student test results" California students proficiency levels in English and Math have significantly improved.  This is great news! But gives me pause for thought; will the California budget shortfall that schools face this year, mean that increases made in standardized testing face a downfall for next year? 

This is truly a two steps forward one step back story.

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Just so other people know the

Just so other people know the news story:


I could only hope that California test scores will only rise over time. After all, Rome was not built in a day. Also, I feel as if students in public schools have become almost used to the budget cuts. Last year, budget cuts were hard - and an increase would only mean that students as a whole are trying harder. Hopefully, California students (especially San Francisco students!) will continue this upward trend. And hopefully, budget cuts will not become an adverse effect on our test scores.

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