State Standards

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I like the fact that we will have a better sequence in learning, but will this "dumb down" the system or will this be all for the better? What are your opinions?

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Bobbin' for Apples

This lowering of California's state standards, which have been adopted 13 years ago, will essentially allow California to be compared to 30 other states who have adopted the Common Core State Standards. While it will provide a better apples to apples comparison to decide which teaching method is the best, it will not actually improve the students. It attempts to improve students nationwide, but at what cost if those standards lower than what California's schools now (or what other country's educational standards are)?

Additionally, schools from different metros specialize in different sectors of the workforce just as UC Merced is know for its advancement in the technology of agriculture or UCLA is known for its medical program. Different environments will place the students at unbalance levels to begin with.

There is no wrong or right teaching methods. There are bad ones, but no wrong methods. Ultimately, progress is made by how much we strive to challenge ourselves. California's school have proven this individually time and time again against schools in other states.

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