Teacher Evaluations

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What is everyone's opinion on this issue? Do teacher's performance evaluations need to be changed? Currently, only 2% of SF teacher's got an "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement" score.  The United Educators of SF say that teachers shouldn't be punished for factors outside their control (ie parents).  What should be done about this to more accurately evaluate teacher performance?

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Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time

Student behavior determines the success of all other school accomplishments. Too often politics in administration comes down to CYA rather than best practices. Suspensions are called for more often than they are handed out. The student is accountable for his conduct and his achievement. The record needs to honestly reflect the student's performance. Social promotions and covering up problems does the student no good. It simply distorts the severity of real problems. Teachers need to rule in the classroom. They also are accountable for what goes on. Discipline has to be restored for schools to accomplish their academic goals and objectives. Expectations in regards to student performance need to be raised. Consequences need to be provided that are consistently enforced.

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