The UC System

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From the article, UC's are tightening their acceptance rates for in-state students, while increasing their International/Out-of-state admissions by 25% just this year... it would seem as if the UC system is starting to become more focused on profit than education?


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For the Better?

The UC system is getting a huge overhaul of admission prices since...when? "Starting in 2010-11, the income threshold will rise to $70,000. At that time, undergraduate resident fees for those not covered by the plan will rise to $11,287, after the 32 percent fee increase approved this fall." This policy is covered under the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan would be raised by private contribution geared at $1 billion try to include 800 students.

Is this plan for the better, or just pushing the problem to others? Will we just keep pushing the income threshold up?

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Higher education becoming unattainable

Yesterday I went to Fenton's in Piedmont (great ice cream) and we got stuck in traffic.  This traffic was due to incoming U.C. freshman moving into dorms, it was nice to watch last hugs, parents lugging boxes to and fro into the dorms.  But what struck me and my husband as we continued at a snails pace in traffic was the irony that most of the incoming freshman are likely out of state students.  This thought got us thinking of  our children and what it may mean down the line.  I've always thought the best deal would be to have our kids stay in the state but budget increases and acceptance possibilities seem that getting into a state school as a state resident would only serve to damage acceptance chances.  This thought is enough to make anyone start packing and having your kid apply from a neighboring state... just a thought.

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UC Then and Now

When I went to UC in 1987, fees (they cant call it tuition by law) were $1,500 a year.  Yes, that's not a typo.  This year, they are going to be $10,000, which is less than what UC spends on each student, which is why they are starting to admit foreign and out of state students to balance their budget.  Why have we built only one UC yet tens of prison over the last 30 years?  Our state is not voting their priorities.  We say we value education first, yet can't pass up send more and more people to prison.

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UC Berkeley

The recent news about UC Berkeley being ranked as the second-best university in the world seems like a promising development toward eliminating some of the financial uncertainty after the major budget cuts last year. Hopefully this will bring in further donations to help offset the cuts and any immediate and further hikes in tuition costs.

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