USF shuts down Upward Bound College Prep Program

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After hosting Upward Bound for 45 years, University of San Francisco gave the  college-prep program notice that it will need to find a new host location when its contract expires in August 2012. Rising enrollment rates are pressuring the university to make more space for its paying students, at the expense of 9 other programs, including Upward Bound which has helped first-generation low-income high school students get to college through after-school tutoring and intensive college readiness assistance. 


USF is proposing a compromise: it will continue sponsorship of Upward Bound if the program creates a board of directors and relocates to an off-campus location. Upward Bound supporters find the last condition somewhat self-defeating, stating that it's impossible to conduct an effective, fully integrated program that is not part of the campus.


No doubt Upward Bound has been successful in democratizing educational opportunities for the less privileged, but do you think USF's decision to evict Upward Bound is fiscally justified or a result of misguided priorities? 

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Edit - Upward Bound is saved!

Upward Bound and USF recently reached an agreement to form an advisory board to provide more accountability in UB's operation and and integrate Upward Bound to the university's teaching, learning and research programs. Hooray!

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