Institutional Growth and Impacts - "Fair-Share-Payment"

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Institutions like the CPMC build-out, and SFSU-CSU Masterplan ignore the impacts they create on transit systems.

The need is to require the negotiation and co-development of transit improvement prior to density added population.

The MOU between SFSU-CSU and the city ignores the overall impacts on the Parkmerced community. (See City of Marina vs. CSU)

The need to address transit first policy through future new lines north to south in the western side of the city requires a larger framework for discussing future growth, and immediate transportation improvements.

The Parkmerced developer promised paying for the M-line re-route. Is this the BEST solution, or are there alternatives like a direct connection to daly city bart, or new line routing on sunset boulevard, and around lake merced, that would reduce the transit impacts sufficiently for the proposed growth levels. Development of land above transit is not new, and allowing roadways to be buried while transit being the primary above ground feature improves the city dramatically with park and open-space development. The 1952 interchange at Brotherhood Way and 19th/Junippero Serra Blvd. is ripe for such a massive transit re-working, but Caltrans and the opposition of neighborhoods along 19th Avenue have thwarted the transit improvements that could occur and new development land that could allow more density if the discussion was broadened.

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