Discriminated vs. Disadvantaged

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There has been much speculation as whether to devote money to historically discriminated people of Southeast San Francisco or to devote that money to training union members as they will soon find themselves out of jobs (as the green movement picks up) into the developing green section.

The Brightline Defense Project hopes to partner with "low- income communities of color, limited English speakers, and the formerly incarcerated" to reflect the diversity of San Francisco.

Union members are against the issue since this does not guarantee they will able to compete in the market. Many would be out of jobs, and unable to switch over to another field.

Who do you think should get priority?

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Age discrimination

There also jobs discrimination in older folks who been laid off, I went to so many interview, no luck getting any jobs, I'm over sixty, we older folks need jobs too, I can't pay my bill, rent, look like the government don't care about us seniors

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It is unfortunate that age discrimination exists, and to be honest: There is not much we can do about it.

Also, it is not necessarily age that direct affects the hiring process, but health. When comparing two workers--one young with little to no experience and the other in his/her 50s or 60s--it becomes apparent who a company is going to hire. The older person stereotypically has more health problems and may not be able to lift 20 lbs as easily as a teenager or young adult.

As for benefits, the burden is shifted from government to employer. However, measures such as the ADEA have been issued in response to the growing threat of ageism.

So do we turn to older experienced Union workers in need of green training or those who have been discriminated against (regardless of age)?

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Tight Rope

This is an incredibly difficult issue jobs are very necessary and sorely needed.  With this awful economy all age groups have been affected and seniors as much as just new college graduates entering the workforce are in dire need of anything that pays.  With that said we must strive to make sure that those that have experience are not forgotten in the stead of a young person.

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Want to talk about employment

Want to talk about employment discrimination ?

I graduated CCSF with an Associate's degree in Engineering and Industrial Technology , went on to SFSU to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with an Empahasis in Hardware and Software Systems.

I'm not lying to you when I say I can't even buy a job pouring coffee at Starbucks. 

Finding an "information technology" job in the financial district ?  Impossible !


 The law firm  crows "Johnny can't work here because he does not have law firm experience".  The bank  protests "Johnny can't work here for lack of banking experience.  The tech company in SOMA adds :  "Johnny can't work here for lack of specific industry experience".   I can't post what Johnny would like to say in response. 

Bottom line:  Job discrimination is very much alive and well and still happens on the basis of age and race. This nations industries are forsaking perfectly skilled, qualified, talented and insanely creative folks for the sake of cheap, indentured guest workers under some very questionable "skilled guest worker" immigration laws. 

And I can tell you, when put under a microscope, it's a page right out of Apartheid in South Africa this nation so vehemently protested twenty some years ago. 

Furthermore I can tell you our politicians are doing sum total zero about it and even lending implicit approval, silence, and consent to it.


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Age Discrimination

I been out of work since December 2008, I try apply all over, I get turn down because of my age I'm in my sixty. Employers will not hire anyone over 45 year old, they will not tell you this because they are afraid they will get sue if they mention that, also I have several friends who are around my age and they still can't find work, is so frustrate when we are in this positions, is very depress too. So what the use looking for work when you know they aren't going to hire you, it real hurt.

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From someone still in college

As someone still in college, this is actually a huge concern of mine.  Some of my friends who have recently graduated from great universities are just working retail or food industry jobs!  When I graduate from college, I hope I can find a job that can become my career in a field in which I am interested.

The advice I've been getting from people is "INTERNSHIPS!  INTERNSHIPS!  INTERNSHIPS!" as a way to gain experience in the field I am interested in before getting thrown into the real world after graduation.

As difficult as it would be, I guess one solution for you would be to try very hard to get just a job for money (such as the Starbucks job you mentioned) while also doing an internship.  Hopefully you can get a paid internship to solve both the money and experience-gaining problem at the same time!  Then afterwards, you'll have a padded resume for your job search or maybe even get a job offer from the company that gave you the internship!

I feel as if this would just be an issue that is would not be dealt with directly by politicians unless they created a government program to help connect (or at least inform) recent graduates and also those still in college with job opportunities and educate students about the various tips and strategies for getting a job after college.  I feel as if there are a lot of resources about getting into college but that people should be shown that there are some (or maybe that there should be some created) to help people with the post-college life.

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Umm.... Bernadette...

Bernadette I don't think you completely understand or fathom the problem.  Let me see if I can lend some clarity:

The Starbucks (or similar) immediately quips with "you are overqualified" when I have applied for such jobs.   So what is my choice ?  Lie on my resume  by omission and then face the inevitable question of what I've been doing for the last twenty five or so years ?  What should I say ?  I've been doing nothing ?  So now I'm not "overqualified" but lazy. 

I have applied for technical positions I am very close a match for in terms of qualifications to the job at a range of industries:  High tech, biotech, etc.  What DO I hear if anything at all ?  That I lack a specific industry or toolset experience that, in my opinion, is really a straw man fishing for a red herring.   Lo and behold !  I find out about a year or two , when the Department of Labor data becomes available, the VERY SAME COMPANY applied for an H-1B visa FOR THE VERY POSITION I COULD HAVE FILLED ! 

I think , quite frankly, the center, crux, and thrust of the problem is age and race discrimination that is alive and well under the pretenses and smoke screens of "globalism" and a manufactured shortage of "qualified" Americans. 

Take a walk around the downtown and SOMA area sometimes.  As someone who has lived in San Francisco for over forty years I can tell you there is a demographic shift to younger and foreign.  Specifically:  Eastern Indians and Asians . 

Age and race discrimination ?  If it acts, smells, and looks like it then, by golly, it is.


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Age Discrimination

You are right is age and race discrimination in this model age, I know no one will hire me because I'm in my sixty, they will not tell you that because you can sue them for age discrimination, we older folks need to make a living too, some of us have to retired because of this. The government is not helping us, that why no one trust the government now day, they are not helping the people who elect then into office. Sad fact

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Our politicians won't touch it.


Our politicians aren't public servants.  There self serving and not much more.

Jerry Brown could have pilloried, crucified, and absolutely body slammed Meg Whitman on why E-Bay , since the day of it's inception, lies, outright, to the Department of Homeland Security (What was formerly Immigration and Naturalization) about their inability to find a "qualified' American.  Fact is E-Bay , and corporate America for that matter, have discovered they can LIE about their need for "skilled guest workers",  and discriminate against perfectly qualified Americans on the basis of age and race with complete impunity.


The same political machine that produced Jerry Brown,  Dianne Feinstein, John Burton, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, Barbara Boxer, and a few others has some very simple rules:  Don't bite the hand the hand that feeds you.

In this case the hand is business who wants a workforce that is young, pliant, disposable, and the least costly. 

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