E-Books vs Paper Books

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Check out this article from The Washington Post:


In it, Brian Palmer writes that iPads and Kindles are better for the environment than real books, given that you "consume a healthy number of titles, you read at a normal pace." Really? Is it as simple as toxins/chemicals vs cutting down trees? I really like his conclusion: "An even better option is to walk to your local library, which can spread the environmental impact of a single book over an entire community."

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I like the idea

I like the idea of IPad's and Kindles but I can't entirely say I buy into replacing an actual book.  I like the feeling of a book in my hands and I don't think that books altogether will disappear.  

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You're talking to an English major here and I will never let my paper books go. Nothing like underlining with a real pencil and keeping all my notes in the margins :)

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Yeah, I couldn't let a book

Yeah, I couldn't let a book go.  Plus, think of all the toxins we produce when we manufacture electronic good. 

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This op-ed piece from the NY

This op-ed piece from the NY Times in April compares and contrasts the environmental costs of ebooks and paper books:


A big thing to consider is one-time environmental effects versus continuous environmental effects for each type of book.

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