Green technology and jobs

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I think SF needs to invest in new green jobs for recent grads! 

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The green economy needs to be led from SF

San Francisco has an opportunity to be the center of the new green economy. Our government should strive to be the role model for public green investment... I think we can do more. Does anyone have any pet projects they would recommend that SF should invest in?

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Some metric

Agree - but we need some metric to show how much we pay versus what we get. Right now we call any idea green and people go for it - even if it isn't. We need something like the "Underwriters Lab" for green projects - or something like the Controller's Report we do for other things. That way we will have tools to see through the green washing.

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What exactly do you mean by

What exactly do you mean by "invest"? That's a pretty expansive verb. 

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I think the best way for San Francisco to continue to be a leading city in the green economy is by allocating a certain percentage of funds into industries / services that encourage greater efficiency and environmental sustainability. This is the time to take a good look at where we are spending our city budget, and weed out the allocations that are wasteful or go against our efforts to be more green and eco- responsible. 

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More Social Innovation Contests!

When you can't get a job, create your own! We should initiate more and more contests rewarding students, grads and all citizens for coming up with green solutions. Sometimes people need an immediate incentive to get their ideas off the ground... ideas that could ultimately change our city and the nation.

Here's a great business launched by 2 Berkeley grads who created a closed-loop production model for turning tons of coffee ground waste into gourmet mushrooms:

Without contests to spark people's imaginations, ideas like this fall through the cracks!

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GoSolarSF created 40 green collar jobs

One of the proudest accomplishments of GoSolarSF besides tripling the number of solar buildings is the creation of 40 green collar jobs.  That's 40 green collar jobs in the worst economy since the depression.  Amazing!  40 families who's lives were changed by GoSolarSF.  40 people who have a future in the green economy.  Those are the real green collar jobs.

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