Gross! People spitting on the streets.

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Have you seen people spitting on the streets?

I have many times on Market at 4th Street. Young people, old people, kids are spitting on the streets. They have no shame spitting on the street while waiting for the light to change. It's public health issue. There are many trash bins all over. I believe SF can be a cleaner city if people use their tissues and clean up and throw it in the trash bin. 

Other countries are clean and not SF. I am grossed out of people who spit and not caring about it's other people environment too.

Fine those gross folks.


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I agree

I spent a year in China in 1991-1992 and everyone would spit on the street.  Not only would they spit, but they would have this gutteral clear your throat to have the largest spit wad come out of your mouth.  I noticed when you go to Beijing there is much less spitting because China did an education campaign in light of the Olympics coming to town.  Maybe we should do the same thing in SF.

Agreed. You have another post

Agreed. You have another post on here about how dirty SF is, and if you walk near 16th BART you'll see the consequence of unfettered spitting habits. The sidewalks are disgusting. 
I'm all about personal liberties, but not when they collectively impact so many other people. 

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