Hunters Point stadium proposal

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In Newsom's 2005 state of the city address, he blathered on about Hunters Point being redeveloped in a "green", "eco-friendly", "environmentally sensitive" way.  Then, when the 49ers threatened to leave for Santa Clara, he did an about face and all-of-a-sudden we were going to have a football stadium there as well.

A football stadium is almost the LEAST environmentally friendly thing one could possibly imagine for Hunters Point, for so many reasons:

     * traffic - Getting 50000 people into and out of Hunters Point smoothly is impossible.  The downtown ballpark has road and rail connections that are far better, and every time there's a game there, it causes traffic jams for FIVE MILES in all directions.

     * loss of time and productivity - Along with the traffic jams, comes the associated loss of time and productivity as the entire cityscape within a mile of the stadium comes to a standstill

     * public safety loading - When developers pitch a stadium proposal to a city, they generally do so on financial grounds, claiming that the stadium will bring in all kinds of revenue.  What they do NOT tell you, is how much drain the games put on the city's police and traffic control force, none of which is compensated to the city.

     * air pollution - part of the reason the 49ers gave for not wanting to execute their ALREADY APPROVED plan for a new stadium at Candlestick, is that the new multi-story parking structure will not allow for "tailgate parties".  I can think of almost nothing more noxious and toxic than 5000 to 10000 automobiles trying to get into and out of Hunters Point, and sitting around with their exhausts idling and belching toxic fumes for most of that time.

     * noise pollution - along with the exhaust from the tailgate parties, will come stereo noise, engine noise, and obnoxious rowdy football noise.  Enough said.

     * light pollution and electricity use - I chose Hunters Point because at night, it is peaceful and quiet.  In my neighborhood, right above the shipyard, my condo association has ten acres of hillside on which birds nest, and frogs and crickets can be heard on summer nights.  Having a loud football stadium that also blasting 4000000 watts of mercury vapor lamps into the night sky will NOT enhance anyone's quality of life.

In addition, in my opinion, every stadium I've seen is far from being a "community anchor" -- they are obnoxious eyesores.  Just look at Candlestick park and even the "fabulous" downtown ballpark -- would YOU want to live within two blocks of either of those?  When there's a game, the neighborhood comes to a standstill -- the residents cannot even get to or from their houses, and cannot enjoy the peaceful, quiet environment they're used to because of the thousands of rowdy fans.  When there's not a game, you have a several hundred thousand square foot eyesore, blocking the skyline and doing NOTHING, when there could otherwise have been a nice neighborhood developed there.

In summary, I think a football stadium is about the least environmentally friendly thing one could ever possibly imagine doing at Hunters Point.  The fact that Newsom singlehandedly proposed putting a stadium essentially right below my bedroom window, angers me more than I can say in words.

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