Isn't this tied to transportation?

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When it comes to making sf greener, shouldn't we be talking about transportation also? The city has over half of the taxi fleet as hybrids (which is a good start), but if we're going to encourage less personal driving as well, then our MUNI system needs to lower prices and have better service. If I could go on buses more regularly, I'd drive a lot less- but waiting sometimes over 20 minutes in the cold only encourages me to drive in my own warm car.

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I propose a tax on driving

I propose a tax on driving downtown.

The City of London implemented this kind of tax and it was hugely successful. It decreased driving during the busy hours, and the extra revenue it produced was used to improve public transportation.


The same thing would work here. The people who could afford the tax and still wanted to drive would do so, putting money into the city's coffers, and that money could be used to improve MUNI and make buses come more frequently, expand lines, etc.

Does this seem feasible to you?

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