PACE Programs

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The PACE programs that the Obama administration gave $150 million in stimulus money towards were to be a great thing for the City and for the state. But a bureaucratic agency has put them on hold because of their fear that the programs, which enable homeowners to take out loans to install newer green and energy efficient technology in their home, will be bad for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. These are good government and good environment programs that look like their ending before their beginning.

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helping those most in need

PACE was going to help families and companies who would have had a hard time getting a loan access to solar and wind power and energy efficiency.  We need to tell Congress they have to fight for PACE and not let our lending institutions dictate who can have solar on their roof.  Lenders dont balk if we have a monthly electricity bill.  Yet, they are fighting our right to replace the monthly electricity bill with a payment to our local government for purchases, solar or wind power or energy efficiency.  Please join us to fight for PACE.

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