Plastic can holders

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Plastic bags get all the attention, but I am finding that I am valuing them more and more as I use them for trash and for lots of things around the house where I need a quick, waterproof, cover.  I get so few of them now that when I do I carefully fold and save them for when I'll need one. 

However, while I can re-use plastic bags and plastic bottles can go in the blue bin, I really wish someone could invent a replacement for those loopy things used to band aluminum cans together.  While they are very effective, they also seem to end up on beaches and in parks and I've read about animals and sea creatures getting tangled up in them.  I've noticed that lots of soda now seems to be available in cardboard six packs and eight packs - a big improvement.  

Does anyone know what the status is on this?  Are those plastic thingies still legal?  Is there a move to eliminate them? 

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