Recycling and environmentalism at SF Festivals

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As a music lover, I've been attending a lot of Bay Area music festivals and concerts (e.g. Stern Grove, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Treasure Island this weekend!).  Those festivals involve a lot of visitors eating and drinking a lot of food and beverages and also, in the case of Treasure Island, purchasing various music merchandise.  I like that there are different bins for trash and recycling.  However, I was also thinking it'd be great to have a small task force to inform and/or facilitate further recycling and environmental efforts at those events. 

I don't remember where it was, but there was a school or youth event last month that encouraged visitors to bring their own reusable water containers that they could refill at water stations rather than buying water bottles at the event.  It would be great to have more of those from the perspective of someone who doesn't want plastic to pile up on our planet and also from the perspective of someone who does not like paying $3 for a water bottle.

If some of those events already do it, then I applaud them and also hope that other events follow their lead!

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