SF Sludge as compost?

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This is kind of cool, but city sludge is still city sludge. If they created more tests for other chemicals, maybe this is worth it. $25,000 to change crap into, well, better crap - oh, where is my tax money going toward? -_-

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A bit concerning

Yeah, I followed that story with a lot of interest.  Seems like there is a huge liability to doing this for the City--what if people start getting sick from eating fruits/vegetables grown with this stuff?  Aside from the financial liability, which could be significant, what about the widespread health implications of this if it goes wrong?  Call me a pessimist, but government studies don't give me all that much confidence (especially ones done by the very agency that is under fire) and a testing one day doesn't mean that in future days that nasty stuff won't get through and people start getting ill.

If this is something we really want to do on a large scale, which I think is actually a good idea, contract it out to a reputable local business that does this for a living and knows all the ins and outs, hold them accountable and maybe even make a few dollars off that contract so that it can go into city services for residents.  I just don't have much confidence that a huge government agency like the SFPUC with all sorts of priorities is the best entity to lead this charge, especially considering the ramifications of a small slip up. 

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