Treasure Island = Solar Power Goldmine

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I just got done reading this article:

How ironic that "The centerpiece of the 1939 World’s Fair was a 400-foot octagonal structure named the Tower of the Sun." Now things are really coming full circle! We need to expand this project... why?

"If city leaders, state officials and developers opt to build 20 acres of solar power plants, those facilities could provide more than half the island’s peak power needs."

Imagine 40 acres of solar power plants (of the 404 acre island, so only appx. 10% of the land)! That would make Treasure Island effectively energy independent. The immediate results are great, but more importantly, we can serve as an example of the future of energy solutions to the rest of the nation and world!

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Great idea

think this is a great idea.  Phil Ting has been focused on improving solar power generation in the city.  What better method to do this than to make Treasure Island self-sufficient through solar energy.  Perhaps when the technology improves, we could even have the solar energy array power some of San Francisco proper. 

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Essential Ecotopia

News has been revealed that Treasure Island will be used for an ecotopia, which will house 8,000 homes, a 60 story skyscraper, and 3 hotels. The 400-acre land will make use of wind, solar, and (possibly) tidal power. The community would be connected to the city through ferries and buses. However, Jack Sylvan makes a valid point even if it is a joke "If there was an earthquake tomorrow and half the island was underwater, then we'd have to figure something out."

Is this an efficient use of land? To do nothing with it would be a much greater waste. Should 8,000 homes be built or a multitude of skyscrapers (ranging from low-income housing to luxury) to support San Francisco's vast array of people? Or should the land be scrapped to make way for a "solar power goldmine"?

Keep in mind that this project is expected to top $105 million.

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Solar/Wind Requirements

All new development whether on Treasure Island or anywhere in city limits should be required by SF building standards to incorporate renewable technology into the structure. No exceptions.  If a new structure is not in a location to receive direct sunlight then they could have a choice of installing small wind turbines or paying an energy penalty tax in the amount that it would cost to install renewable generation.  This fee would be used to pay for solar/wind in public area such as museums, parks, etc.  There are new developments elsewhere in the state where every home was built with solar panels incorporated into the design.  TI development should do this to the maximum extent possible - e.g., EVERY building, including residences, stores, hotels, parking garages, etc.

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Wonderful idea

I agree with gCOTTER that all new buildings should incorporate green features that help the environment and are helpful down the road for the owner.  

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Treasure Island and Green Building

Treasure Island is going to be a green city on to itself.  Everyone is a less than a 15 min walk to the ferry terminal.  Over 70% of the land will be open space or community farms.  Solar and wind energy will be available.  The goal is for Treasure Island to be carbon neutral! 

SF has some of the best green building standards for new buildings in the country.  The key is how to incentivize existing building owners to become more green and energy efficient.  That's over 90% of our commercial properties and homes.

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