Is what your using safe?

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San Francisco Environment Department went live with a list of items that are safe to use.  They include things from household items to make up.  Is it possible to have this department give us a thumbs up or down about everything we use?  And even if it can will this stop us from using everything on the list?

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But is it their job?

It's nice that we have an environment department, but I think their scope should be limited.  This is one of those areas where I can see the benefit to the residents but I also recognize that for every one of these agencies we are spending tax money, and our per capita tax burden is already obscene.

Providing a thumbs up or thumbs down on everything we use is not and should not be part of their charter.  If it belongs to anyone it belongs to state or federal agencies, or to a non-profit independent organization such as Consumer Reports.  In fact, Consumer Reports probably is the best place for this responsibility.  

As for the programs they have already, yes, they have some excellent programs, but in tight budget times, should they be giving out grants?  With dozens and dozens of people already on their payroll, should they have ten (10) job postings on their website?

If I were looking for ways to cut or cap San Francisco spending, this is the type of department that would be high on my list. Instead of adding to staff I would look for ways to reduce staff, scope, programs, etc.  This is a classic case where it is a wonderful idea, a great department doing great things, but the city budget has hundreds of great departments doing great things and they need to have their budgets and staff capped or reduced.  

Sigh, cold, hard reality is such a bummer....

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