How should the government work to improve our environment?


San Francisco is at the vanguard of the 21st century green economy. By pioneering programs to educate our community and by creating incentives for residents and businesses alike to go green, we have created environmental standards unsurpassed by most American cities. Yet we can do better.


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In 2008, I helped launch GoSolarSF – San Francisco’s first municipal solar energy incentive program, and also one of its most successful. This program, coupled with the California Solar Initiative, could pay for more than half the cost of a solar power system installed in San Francisco. In fact, the number of applications for new solar installations has nearly quadrupled since GoSolarSF was first launched – and the program continually exceeds its participation goals. 

The demand for environmental incentive programs is high in San Francisco – as it should be. Our city has one of the largest and most aggressive solar incentive programs in the nation. Our green building standards outrank all others. And we are working to build the country’s first electric vehicle network. Programs like these empower San Franciscans to reduce our carbon footprint and integrate renewable energy into our daily lives. But when it comes to the environment, our work is never done.

What are the ways that San Francisco can become an even greener city? And how are you getting involved?

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