Acquiring foreclosed home and preserving them as affordable

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APD  Solutions is a Neighborhood Revitalization Firm doing community stabilization work around the country by assisting cities and nonprofit acquire foreclosed home and preserve them as affordable. They can leverage city and/or private funds to assist in the effort. They are awaiting the political support of San Francisco in terms of identifying matching funds (public or private) before getting started. Such an effort is key in helping to stabilize the long-term residents on the southeast side of the city .

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This is a really great project!

If the public sector can't solve this housing situation, then maybe such a public-private partnership is exactly what we need.  And I think we need to start thinking more about public-private partnerships to solve many economic and social ills.  It seems like today we have already have so much intermingling between public and private institutions recently, but no real cooperative effort.  This sounds like a great idea.

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