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April 13, 2013

The state and the federal government have wagered $1.9 billion on a project intended to improve the health of low-income people and lower the rate of spending growth.

It's all part of a new plan by the city's Department of Environmental Protection in an effort to save 30 million gallons of water a day by 2018.

Smart Growth America has recognized the best of the 130 complete streets policies approved last year across the United States; and the one passed by Indianapolis has received the highest ranking.

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The three-month pilot program is being tested in the Belmont section of the Bronx which is one of the most ticketed neighborhoods in the city.

April 8, 2013

New York has launched a new $13.5 million solar initiative called NY-Sun which will support projects aimed at reducing the overall cost of installing photovoltaic...

Storm runoff is the primary source of water pollution in Southern California, but new regulations encourage cities to capture and filter rainwater to bolster groundwater supplies.

April 7, 2013

The police chief in Rialto, Calif., is looking into whether patrol officers use of wearable video cameras can bring benefits for the community.

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Schools test new food choices in lunchrooms as they attempt to balance taste and nutrition.

More than a third of the land in our cities is covered by black asphalt, an exemplary heat trapping surface and major contributor to the urban heat island effect. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Lab are studying "cool pavement" alternatives.

With the number of cars on the road continuing to rise, boosters of Los Angeless new synchronized traffic system admit it may not be enough to prevent gridlock from worsening.

April 1, 2013

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March 31, 2013

The award-winning Anythink library system is ready to open a new library this summer in Thornton. The Thornton location — set to open June 1 — will replace the Anythink Washington Street location that will close April 12.

The City of New York has launched a new free app providing advice to teens who are sexually active and if parents dont like it, its too bad for them.

Greenwich is aiming to become the first town in Connecticut to have smart street signals.

March 30, 2013

Watch Video Listen to the AudioJUDY WOODRUFF: Now: two stories about how children learn.
The first focuses on a Seattle program that uses babies to prevent bullying. A recent study by the University of Virginia found the dropout rate was 29 percent above average in schools with significant levels of teasing and bullying, compared to schools in the study with lower rates.
Our story is part of our ongoing American Graduate series.
At seven-months-old, Claire Fitzpatrick is a typical baby. She is sitting up on her own, eating solid foods and developing a little bit of a mischievous streak. But ...

March 29, 2013

Free outdoor Wi-Fi becomes a reality for the City of Santa Clara this week, with citywide access launched by Silicon Valley Power (SVP) as part of its SVP MeterConnect program. Santa Clara is the first city in the country to provide free outdoor Wi-Fi access for an entire community as part of an advanced electric [...]

For scores of Central Florida foster teens who turn 18 each year, aging out of the state's custody means no place to live, no job, no drivers license and no transportation.

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