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April 19, 2012

April 15, 2012

Hana Schank reports on Boston's Citizens Connect app, and the innovative ways in which the city's Department of New Urban Mechanics is empowering citizens and government employees alike.
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Social impact bonds have recently come into favor in the public sector as a means of financing projects that will impact communities where government funding is typically scarce. Social impact bonds allow governments to contract with a third party to fill gaps in available services, but unlike a standard procurement arrangement, these contracts are only [...]

National program that connects wounded vets with troubled kids comes to BaltimoreEquipped with a flip phone and 400 free minutes, each member of a group of truant students at Carver Vocational Technical High School knows that at any moment a call could come that changes his or her day — or life.

April 10, 2012

Tyler Silvestro reports on the release of new designs for the SEPTA Spur by Studio Bryan Hanes and Urban Engineers, a significant step in realizing Philadelphia's Reading Viaduct revamp.
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April 8, 2012

To ensure they have future stewards, national parks are changing attitudes and programs to attract and keep younger people

Small dairy farmers and ex-cons don't make natural allies. But a non-profit group, Milk Not Jails, is hoping they can forge a new urban-rural relationship in New York state based on food rather than incarceration.

Today, the Corporation for National and Community Service, in collaboration with Points of Light, announced the expansion of an AmeriCorps VISTA project to support the efforts of the National Forum on Youth Violence to promote pathways to opportunity for at-risk youth, while working to eliminate youth violence.

April 2, 2012

For Wounded Vets, All Rehab Under One Roof

Credit: Jorge Gobbi on FlickrThis piece originally appeared on NJ Spotlight.

For most of the past decade, hospital executives at Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, N.J. recognized that the more than 100-year-old facility badly needed to fix its aging energy infrastructure.

But they didn’t have the capital, until their local utility Public Service Electric & Gas came along and found a way to help the hospital address its needs—a $7.5 million overhaul that included replacing air conditioning chillers, replacing windows with high-efficiency models and upgrading to high-efficiency ...

April 1, 2012

Tom Stoelker reports on the progress of New York City's Zone Green initiative, a comprehensive effort to make it easier to construct green buildings and retrofit existing ones, that passed the City Planning Commission unanimously this past week.
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March 31, 2012

Before, the Minneapolis public couldn’t watch when maps were drawn. Credit: on FlickrThis is an excerpt from a longer piece that originally appeared on MinnPost.

For decades, the drawing of Minneapolis ward and park district boundaries occurred behind closed doors, where political appointees did battle in private.

Voters scrapped that system in 2010 when the redistricting process of line drawing was handed off to the Charter Commission, which is appointed by the chief judge of the Hennepin County District Court.

As a result, the first political boundaries created in public ...

March 29, 2012

Ensuring electronic records management practices apply broadly across agency divisions and mandating a chief records officer serve at each agency are the most popular recommendations in a crowdsourced survey of best practices ...

March 27, 2012

A new social Web site shares the lessons and best practices of school gardens and lunch programs in the hope of supporting start-up gardens around the globe.

AVONDALE, Ohio - This Cincinnati neighborhood, where 11 murders took place last year, will be the first in the country to try a ground-breaking anti-violence program that uses a relatively simple approach.

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