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June 3, 2014

Foreword: The world’s urban centers have taken on increasing importance and power as economic engines of growth and places to live, with more than half the world’s population now in cities. With this growth expected to continue in the decades ahead, city leaders face numerous challenges as far as infrastructure and service delivery is concerned. One of the most promising solutions to this increasingly complex urban problem is making cities smarter through the use of sensor technology: tiny electronic devices that can measure and track just about anything that ...

June 2, 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the creation of a task force that seeks to reduce the number of mentally ill inmates in New York City's jails.

June 1, 2014

For too long we have thought about prison education almost exclusively in terms of reduced recidivism. But in some sense this is an inadequate metric, neglecting opportunities available to prisoners who pursue and complete higher learning.

May 29, 2014

A unique prison rehabilitation program launching in California may be the most powerful interpretation of farm-to-table the state has ever seen.<br />
<br />
San Diegos Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is building sites for its new Farm and Rehabilitation Meals (FARM) program, a fresh project that hires inmates as farmers, teaches them sustainable agriculture practices and — if approved by prison health authorities — will put the produce on inmates cafeteria tables.<br />
<br />
The facilities will first accommodate 20 inmate farmers, organizers told ...

May 28, 2014

An expansion of a program on Staten Island, paid for by the state attorney generals office, would give kits to those most likely to come into street-level contact with overdose victims.

May 26, 2014

In Montreal, the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough unveiled an ambitious plan to make streets safer for people on foot and bikes by securing pedestrian crossings, and creating new bike paths as well as two "cycle streets" where bikes have priority.

New York Citys health department completed a pilot project that used the website to identify unreported food-borne illnesses.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says the 300-member unit will focus on preventing thefts of smart phones, computer tablets and people's financial resources.

May 22, 2014

Vehicle collision fatality rates have been roughly halved in the last 25 years. For every 100 million miles collectively traveled by Americans in 1989, 2.17 people died from collisions – in 2009, that figure had dropped to 1.15, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And in 2011, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration announced that statistics from the previous year showed traffic fatalities had dropped to 1.10 — an all-time low, despite an increase in how much people were driving. Advances in vehicle technology, research and policy making have ...

May 21, 2014

"What does a city look like drawn in trees?" Cambridge, Massachusetts recently released an exhaustive database of all the trees on public property around the city.

Connecticut and New York have announced new funding programs to protect local open spaces and farmland. Connecticut is making $5 million available for cities and...

This year, 3,300 pounds of venison have been donated to charities, and many are surprised that the meat came from Rock Creek Park.

More and more schools and districts across the country are re-thinking their zero-tolerance policies. When a child is suspended or expelled, it rarely improves his behavior or his academics. One school in Houston has adopted an old technique to handle student disputes: the healing circle.

With the national Promise Zone grant initiative rolling out in Los Angeles, the Youth Policy Institute aims to deploy funds strategically in targeted areas that struggle with poverty.

The purpose of the training program is to enable doctors to help soldiers; the first step in this is understanding their experience.

Sometimes it helps to speak the local language. In Boston, the highway signage guys are begging drivers to Use Yah Blinkah.

Connecticut lawmakers voted this week to make sure that all police in the state receive mental heath training. Photo by Jim Bowen/FlickrHow do you tell the difference between someone who needs to be taken to jail and someone who needs to be taken to the hospital?
Thats a big concern in Connecticut, where the intersection of law enforcement and mental health has been a huge issue since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown in 2012.
Lance Newkirchen is a regular patrol officer in the nearby town of Fairfield. But he’s also an officer who is specifically trained to respond ...

Through a yoga program, prisoners absorb what Vinyasa yoga has to offer.

Yoga instructor, Iwona, right, and Zack Pasillas, outreach director with the Yoga Seed Collective, teach a weekly yoga class inside the California State Prison, Sacramento.

Yoga instructor Iwona leads the inmates through Vinyasa yoga as Zack Pasillas, founder of Yoga Seed Collective, demonstrates poses. Below, inmate Sergio Arzate stretches during the class.

Inmate Carlos Perez centers himself on “Nameste” during a yoga class offered in the Folsom prison ...

The New York City Police Department is releasing near-real time crash data to the public. The announcement, made yesterday afternoon, marks a pretty significant culture...

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