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March 12, 2012

Intelligence agencies are the biggest buyers of data-crunching services, but civilian agencies aren't far behind.

March 11, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new law in Ohio creates an alert program to spread information to help find missing law enforcement officers and people suspected of seriously hurting or killing officers.

A program that encourages small businesses to perform research and development for NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies has helped companies commercialize such high-tech innovations as pressure-sensitive paint and flexible, heat-activated repair patches.

Latest federal data transparency site also delivers information on White House visitors, travel payments, and more.

Engaging citizens with maps and markers. Credit: Lee Shaver on FlickrThis piece originally appeared on The City Fix.

Urban planners, designers and architects have their work cut out for them. The rate of urbanization around the world means that we have to reconfigure the way we think, design and plan cities. It is not like starting from scratch on a clean canvas. Reconstructing existing cities to fit the needs of a larger population will be especially difficult because it will require planners to accommodate the needs of current urbanites, while forecasting the needs of future ...

The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved a bill Tuesday to authorize the installation of traffic cameras on the outside of school buses.
Inside buses, as in schools, video cameras are a commonly used crime deterrent. But on the roads, bus drivers report, the familiar red and white octagonal sign that unfolds as they stop to pick up or drop off children is often patently ignored.
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March 5, 2012

Despite decades of "steady improvement", Chicago is still home to some of the dirtiest waterways in the country. Now after years of obfuscation, the city's Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is finally moving forward with cleanup plans.
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Administrator John Pistole expresses hopes for expanding trusted traveler programs.

Some studies show that integrating social media into college coursework may be helping students learn better.

Neighborhoods lack access to affordable, healthy foodMore than a third of Baltimore neighborhoods don't have ready access to healthy foods, leaving one in five residents to rely on high-fat, high-calorie meals from corner stores and carryout restaurants, a new assessment shows.

March 3, 2012

in one Florida elementary school, administrators are handing out "FCAT power bars" to improve students scores on the state's dreaded standardized tests.

State lawmakers across the U.S. are crafting legislation that would add military service to veterans' driver's licenses so they will not have to carry official discharge papers to prove their service.

WASHINGTON - The government is looking to sell off some of its stock of homes in foreclosure.

February 28, 2012

Government agencies are embracing social media, using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to inform and interact with the public. Take a look at the best examples of social networking in government.

Robert Poole reports on efforts across the country to reduce freeway congestion through HOV-to-HOT conversion and public-private partnerships.
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February 25, 2012

Watch Video Listen to the Audio JEFFREY BROWN: And finally tonight: an arts program that is changing lives in the nation's public schools. More than 50 schools have adopted a music education curriculum based on a system developed in Venezuela. The NewsHour special correspondent for education, John Merrow, reports on the Harmony Program in New York City. JOHN MERROW: Here in New York City, it's not hard to find an elegant black-tie fund-raiser where guests pay $1,000 or more to enjoy a live orchestra, sip champagne and hobnob with celebrities like Placido Domingo. Affairs like this happen ...

The app is a mobile-friendly version of the IRS's "Where's My Return?" site.

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