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May 21, 2014

Drivers who love displaying one of Colorado's nearly 100 specialty license plates — representing interests as diverse as the Navy SEALs, the Colorado Rockies and Craig Hospital — will love how easy it's going to be to get their beloved placards from now on.

Emerging technologies, together with big data, are tools that allow us to better plan our cities and revolutionize the efficiency and quality of our transport systems. We are seeing threads of this already, as millions of people use smart cards ...

The University of Michigan through its Transformation Center is launching a transformation initiative with several private sector partners including Bosch, Econolite, Ford, General Motors, Toyota,...

A glimpse at the score she made on the English portion of the college entrance exam plunged Audrey Rinkle into a funk.

The MyFigueroa project, long-delayed and almost-dead on more than one occasion, will move ahead free of local opposition. The project, which includes the city's first separated cycle track, will become Los Angeles' "premier complete street."

April 28, 2014

A few California cities start water-waste patrols

April 26, 2014

Americans tend to pay more attention to wind strength than storm surge when evaluating whether or not to evacuate before a hurricane. A new NOAA mapping project is designed to change perceptions about the multiple risks of storm events.

Communities are adopting "dark sky" ordinances meant to preserve the night.

Freshmen at the University of Baltimore must maintain 2.0 GPA and finish in four years.

April 22, 2014

Resilience has entered into the planning and urbanism lexicon as a large challenge for all places pursuing prosperous, sustainable futures. A new study examines the worlds leading cities for lessons in resilience.

San Francisco has long been famous for the thick fog that at times shrouds the city. But within government circles, going forward it will also be known as the first major American municipality to upgrade to a consolidated cloud solution that, when complete, will have its 29,000 employees on a single network.
According to city and county CIO Marc Touitou, who also is director of the San Francisco Department of Technology, about 12,000 accounts so far have been migrated from the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud the city was using to Microsoft’s Office 365 ...

April 17, 2014

A bill pending in the City Council would require 10 percent of the 160 health agents to wear some type of body camera when they inspect restaurants and bars.

IN MONTY PYTHONS Life of Brian, the Jerusalem crowd picks wrongdoers for Pontius Pilate to release according to whether their names begin with r, since they find it amusing that the Roman governor cannot pronounce that letter. (Welease Woger!). Two thousand years later, America aims to select prisoners for parole by more rational criteria, such as Are they likely to re-offend?It turns out, however, that granting parole wisely is hard. Parole boards may be biased, perhaps without realising it. In general, they tend to overestimate the likelihood that a prisoner will re-offend, says Lance Lowry ...

OpenTreeMap allows cities to inventory trees and see the environmental and economic benefits.

April 15, 2014

With Gov. Malloy's announcement Monday, Connecticut became the first state to outline a cybersecurity plan in conjunction with the utilities.

April 14, 2014

Colleges seek to improve remedial programs

Many people are discovering a renewed fascination with libraries

A bill pending in the City Council would require 10 percent of the 160 health agents to wear some type of body camera when they inspect restaurants and bars.

img width"150" height"100" src"" class"attachment-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt"A box of food scraps that will be composted (Justin Sullivan/
Getty Images News)" /The pilot project to separate left over food, leaf, and yard waste is expanding to 70,000 homes.

April 10, 2014

San Francisco recently launched the Living Innovation Zones program to generate space-activating public art installations around the city. The city hopes the program will create catalysts for exploration, innovation and play.

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