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September 13, 2011

In Florida, federal officials have released plans for a new wildlife preserve just south of Orlando. The Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge will include at least 150,000 acres, but there's a twist most of it will remain under private ownership.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The state Division of Natural Resources now has a way online for turning in poaching and other illegal wildlife activities. Tips can be reported to the DNRs law enforcement sections website at a href"" title"ht...

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard is looking to make government more transparent. At an event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota yesterday, the Governor announced his “Better Government Initiative,” which aims to provide more information to the public about the activities of the state government and also seeks to eliminate what the governor calls unnecessary rules [...]

U.S. troops in Afghanistan are relying on the superior noses of military working dogs to sniff out deadly improvised explosive devices.

September 12, 2011

US Ignite will use a private-public partnership to foster the development of high-speed "killer apps" in key industries.

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A recent article in The New York Times points to some interesting statistics regarding the vision of transport commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and the increase in cycling in New York City. According to John Pucher, a Rutgers University professor who studies ...

With urban populations expected to soar, cities will have to be rethought from the ground up to keep functioning as they do now without becoming environmental liabilities. Here are ways to make urban areas more environmentally friendly.

September 10, 2011

In an effort to improve literacy, Mexicos largest book retailer, Libreras Gandhi, partnered with Mexico Citys transportation authority to place billboards featuring excerpts from Franz Kafkas short story, The Bridge. The campaign consists of 13 billboards along Mexico Citys yellow ...

The Army Corps of Engineers developed a mobile information collection application to manage damage assessments.

M.I.T. has developed a new open-source ArcGIS toolbox that they say will illustrate how a cities' spatial layout affects the way people will live in it.
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September 7, 2011

Boston's bike share program Hubway has attracted 2,319 annual subscribers and had 36,612 station-to-station trips after one month of being open, reportst Erick Moskowitz for The Boston Globe.
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September 6, 2011

The cameras despised by so many drivers don't just nail speeders and red-light runners. They're helping police nab criminals.

Their jobs are different from what they once were thanks to fewer fires. In fire stations all across the country, firefighters are now required to train as emergency medical technicians so that they can respond to medical calls.

HOUSTON — Classrooms are festooned with college pennants. Hallway placards proclaim: "No Excuses!" Students win prizes for attendance, and pore over math problems with newly hired tutors. They start classes earlier and end later than their neighbors; some return to school on Saturdays.

September 1, 2011

August 29, 2011

The housing crisis has left banks stuck with crumbling, foreclosed houses that they can't resell. In Cleveland, a quasi-government corporation takes over those houses, and the lenders pay to demolish them. The idea may soon take hold in other cities as well.

The village of Shamen, China lacks running water, and scarcity has created a lack of awareness of water health issues. A complex new bathhouse aims to curb health problems and create a gathering place in the process.
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The decision by New Jersey's Supreme Court last week to overhaul the state's rules for how judges and jurors treat evidence from police lineups could help transform the way officers conduct a central technique of police work, criminal justice experts say.

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