Green Hiring?

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One of the great untold benefits of the GoSolarSF program is that it incentivizes, and now requires, the hiring of economically disadvantaged San Francisco residents to work on GoSolarSF installations.  The program has created over 40 jobs alone for low-income San Franciscans who otherwise would not be part of the green movement.

What other strategies can we employ to ensure that San Francisco residents, particularly those that grew up under generations of dirty power plants in the Southeast sector, work on the City's ever-increasing solar projects, including the upcoming City Hall and Davies Symphony Hall installations?


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local hiring

We need to ensure local residents will get jobs.  But the city needs to train and prepare these residents for work.  By going through a city or state training program residents are prepared for real careers in the green economy, thens its up to the City and the business community to create a strong business climate and new jobs.  We need to be smart by leveraging City money to not only help residents but find some way to create jobs as well. GoSolarSF did exactly that by incentivizing solar installations at the same time creating 40 green collar jobs in the worst economy since the depression. We need to encourage other programs to leverage other city dollars to create jobs.  How many other program are out there where we can satisfy our objectives and create jobs?

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