The Right to Sell Arms

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We all know that there is a right to bear arms, as stated in Amendment 2 of the Constitution. However, do you think that gun shops opening in the neighborhood could be a threat to neighborhood safety? Or do you think that people who want guns will eventually get them elsewhere? Is it unfair to not give a permit to this business owner to open his gun shop in the area?

I personally believe that people can buy and sell their own guns whenever and wherever they please, but people should only use them in a gun range or in a government/city profession where it is needed (and only in self defense). What are your thoughts? Do you think that a neighborhood with a gun shop in it will really be threatened?

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Lets go shoppin'

There are gun shops in neighborhoods all over the country. The guns used in crime are not purchased in gun shops where the purchaser must produce identification and have his/her background checked by the state. The idea that by hassling regular citizens one is making a statement against the gang bangers and dope dealers (prohibition discussion another day), who commit the majority of gun violence, is not borne out in logic or statistics.  

If we want jobs and tax revenue we should let businesses flourish.

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Yes, people should have the right to buy and own hand guns and rifles.  I would draw the line at automatic weapons.  Therefore, stores should be allowed to sell them.  Yes, guns can be used to kill people, but lately it seems that cars are much more likely to kill and they are legal to buy, sell and own.  I own a 357.  No I don't carry it, but I own it.  

It's a free country and I support legalizing most things because by legalizing something you begin to shut the door on illegal sales.  I bought my gun from a gun store, had the appropriate background check and 10 day waiting period, and paid sales tax.  All you do when you prohibit gun sales is drive honest people to other counties and states where they'll spend their money.

As for criminals, they don't buy guns at reputable gun stores in the first place, so whether gun sales are legal or illegal won't make a bit of difference to the criminals in the city.

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