My Profile: the details

Do you know all of the functions of My Profile? Find out here!

The View tab allows you to see how long you’ve been a member, to see your profile picture and to log out.

Now, let’s move on to the Edit tab.

1. Under “Account,” you can quickly change your username or email address (the red star signifies that these are required fields). You can also:

  • Change your password

  • Upload or edit your profile picture
  • Choose to receive follow-up e-mail notifications when someone replies to your comment or posts on a discussion thread you created

2. Under “Facebook,” you can connect your Reset SF and Facebook accounts and even link your Facebook profile picture.

3. And under "User Profile," you can personalize your profile by adding your occupation, your neighborhood, a short bio and some of your local favorites.

The third tab is Track. Here, you can easily view your own posts and see if they’ve been updated with other users’ comments.

You can also track your favorite Reset SF members!
You can track any user by entering their username between “/users” and “/track” in the URL. For example:
Interested in what Phil Ting has posted today? Type in:

Create a personalized experience with My Profile and keep the conversation going! Questions? Contact the

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