Affordable Housing Fund for Downpayment Assistance

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This week the Mayor and Supervisor David Chiu will propose amendments to the inclusionary housing ordinance so we can use money from developers in-lieu fees to assist low and moderate income families with downpayment assistance. Down payments are one of the biggest barriers to buying a home.

It is about time we started to think about creating more permanent housing for working families.

Here's the story:

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Interesting idea.  I'd have

Interesting idea.  I'd have to look into it more.

In general, however, I have some issues with in-lieu fees.  I like the emphasis to stay on the "inclusionary" part.

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Home ownership needs to be more affordable

We definitely to help more homeowners.  The challenge is the same amount of down payment assistance could be used to build an entire affordable unit.  We need both affordable rental and home ownership units.

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Affordable Housing

There should be a list of affordable housing in SF and a list of places that we can visit to sign up for housing assistance.  Low income families like myself, need help with this?

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Mayor's Office of Housing

Check out the Mayor's Office of Housing website - I hope it helps!

Here's the home page

Here's the link for Homebuyers

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